Child Welfare during a Pandemic

It's been 18 months since I last shared my thoughts with the world through this blog. Honestly, I forgot about it for a short time. Tonight, I was having a conversation with a foster parent who somehow sparked a reminder that I used to be a writer. Someone who shared my experiences with the world... Continue Reading →

Ezra’s Story: The little boy who lived in a child welfare agency.

UPDATE. THE NAMES OF THE FAMILY ARE BEING CHANGED TO REFLECT THE ACTUAL NAMES OF THE FAMILY AT THIS TIME. Introducing Ezra (Elam), his brother Lain (Josh), and their new parents Marcy and Ed Fisher (Mary and Tom).   Ezra on his first night home with his new parents, exhausted from long days and long... Continue Reading →

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's been a few months of blog silence but it's time to regroup and speak to you all again. Thank you for your patience with my silence, the holidays/work/family took precedence for a while. The caseloads for the child welfare caseworkers in my agency have been overwhelming the past few months. While we've remained steady... Continue Reading →

Small town Ohio fights back against big pharma….files a lawsuit at the state level

In 2012, healthcare professionals wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioids. Enough to medicate every adult in the united states, around the clock for a month. The United States accounts for 4.9% of the world's population. Yet, we consume 80% of the world's opiates and 99 % of the world's hydrocodone. It's time to fight back. And... Continue Reading →

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